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I think that this is probably related to a typo in line 127 (line 126 in newer releases) of source/physics/src/GateSourcePhaseSpace.cc that persisted until release 7.1, it was fixed in release 7.2.

The best solution is to upgrade to the newest release (currently that is 8.0, but very soon, hopefully this week or next week, we will release 8.1).

If for some extremely important reason you need to stick to version 7.1 or even older, then you can fix it yourself by editing that line, the old wrong version is:

if (T->GetListOfBranches()->FindObject("Particlename")) {

and the fix is to capitalize the “n” in “Particlename”, so you get:

if (T->GetListOfBranches()->FindObject("ParticleName")) {

(Just like how it’s spelled in the next line.)

Then you rebuild Gate (just run “make” again in the build directory, assuming you also still have the same ROOT and Geant4 version as last time you compiled Gate), and maybe “make install” if you did that also previously.


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Hi Mery,

I had a similar problem time ago with Gatev7.0. Although I think that it has been figured out in the last version. You may take a look of this gate forum loop regarding that issue:


I finally went inside the .cc code and changed by myself a mistake therein. Not sure if it is your same problem, which depends on the Gate version you are using.

I hope it helps!

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Hi Dear Gate user
I try to get a root phase space and used in the second program. But I get this error

"GateSourcePhaseSpace.cc (l.200): No particle type defined in phase space file."
Is there any one have experience about this error?

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