[Gate-users] whether the position calculation is wrong for singles?

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Tue Dec 11 11:52:35 CET 2018

Hello users

I come back to answer my question.

Singles1and Singles2 of coincidences sorted by time, not by trackID, 
thus the time of Singles1 is always later than the Singles2, and the DOI 
of Singles1 is deeper than Singles2.

One can plot the distribution of time1 minus time2.


On 2018/12/7 02:07, yy wrote:
> Hello Gate-developers
> I constructed a PET cylinder scanner, and run simulation, where the 
> source is back-to-back Gamma sourece of 511 keV isotropically .
> But when I plot the DOI of singles 1 and single 2 of coincidences.  I 
> find the distribution of DOI of singles 1 is correct, like an 
> experiential , however, the DOI of  singles 2 is not, which is wrong 
> obviously.
> I just wonder whether  the position calculation of  Gate is wrong for 
> singles 2 of coincidences.
> BTW, my Gate version is V8.0
> Regards,
> Chunhui
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