[Gate-users] Change the scanner geometry in STIR

Thielemans, Kris k.thielemans at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Oct 12 14:52:18 CEST 2017


STIR questions ideally should go to the STIR mailing list. You might have more luck there.

Sadly, in your case, the answer is that STIR cannot currently do this (which is why it isn’t described in the Users Guide!) as it’s limited to cylindrical scanners.

There’s related work by Yannis Fischer in STIR to create a “virtual” cylindrical scanner and position detected LORs on that scanner. This uses their SAFIR file format, not ROOT, but it would serve as a basis for extending this idea to GATE if you wanted to. Also, Parisa Khateri is currently working on modifying STIR to be able to do block geometries, you can see her emails on the stir-devel mailing list. This is work in progress though and I don’t think ROOT support is already available.

Potentially you could help with all these efforts of course.

By the way, Elise Emond will give a talk at the STIR meeting at the IEEE MIC in 2 weeks which includes how to make the connection between GATE/ROOT and STIR (while currently still ignoring the block geometry).

Sorry to disappoint.

Kris Thielemans
Reader in Medical Imaging Physics
Institute of Nuclear Medicine
University College London

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Hi dear GATE users.

I want to change the scanner geometry in PET reconstruction using STIR in order to fit my scanner's geometry in GATE. But I don't know how to. For example, I want a Hexagon detector in STIR's scanner.s file instead of an annular scanner. But I can't find the instruction from the text and the userguide. Can STIR accepts that users defined the shape of their scanner?

Best regards
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