[Gate-users] X-ray energy spectrum as GPS in Gate

Daniel J Sandoval DJSandoval at salud.unm.edu
Fri Dec 8 05:15:13 CET 2017

Hello Simon,

I am attempting a project where I simulate a spectrum using SpekCalc and then run it in GATE. I stumbled upon the below message, and am truly grateful for your script. However, I do not quite understand what it is doing to the fluence. In your example, for the first line, you have an energy of 0.012 MeV, and a fluence of 2.591082e-126. However, when I create a sample spectrum of 120kev, my first line has an energy of 0.012MeV, but a fluence of 0.2479699. I have tried to look into the GATE manual to see what it expects for units of fluence, but have been unsuccessful.

If you could please help me understand what units the fluence are for GATE it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



I have written the enclosed script to convert a SpekCalc output to a

Gate macro. It produces a file like


The output macro file can be called like in



On 14/05/2017 13:10, Emmanuel Marfo wrote:


> Hi Sir,


> Please am a beginner trying to use Gate to do my simulations as part

> of my thesis. So far I have been learning Gate v7.2 user guide. I want

> to use x-ray energy spectrum from SpekCalc as GPS in my simulation but

> don't know how to go about it and the explanation in the user guide is

> hard to understand. Can anyone help or suggest any way I could do

> this. Thanks


> Best regards,


> Emmanuel Marfo


> Student


> University of Otago




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