[Gate-users] Problem of Extra slices

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Wed Oct 5 10:27:33 CEST 2016

Hi Gate users,

I'm doing a simulation about a SPECT with LEHR collimator, but I have a problem about the output projections.

Here is one of the warning generated during the simulation.

[jason at Node10 testing6_46_48]$ e[G4]  Trpd : flagUpdateOnly 1 m_trd_solid =   0
[G4]  second 
[G4]  Trpd : flagUpdateOnly 1 m_trd_solid =   0
[G4]  second 

[Acquisition-0] Slice 7 from 2880 to 5580 s [slice=0 s], final stop at 2880 s.
 <!> *** WARNING *** <!>  Warning in GateApplicationMgr::GetTimeSlice, run=7 is greater than the list of slices. Do nothing


The setting of slice time and number in my macro file is shown below, I think the simulation should be completed while the run=2 is finished.

/gate/application/setTimeSlice      60 s
/gate/application/setTimeStart      5580 s
/gate/application/setTimeStop       5760 s

As I look at the output ASCII file, it have eight sets of projection data and it should be only 3 set.

Sincerely looking for a solution for above problem.

Ling Chen
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