[Gate-users] Unable to make connecting path between Gate and Root

David Boersma david.boersma at physics.uu.se
Tue Nov 29 10:47:58 CET 2016

Hi Robert,

(Please disregard the mail I sent erroneously only to you, and reply to 
this one, to the whole mailing list...)

Some basics that may help us to reproduce your problem and/or give you 
hints for a solution:

1. what operating system are you on (if linux: which distro, which release)?

2. which version of Gate are you trying to compile/install?

Den 28/11/2016 kl. 21:07, skrev Robert Wilson:
> I have been following the procedure extremely closely, but when I
> attempt to make a path to rootcint with cmake it is unable to create it.

The compilation steps are described in this wiki page:


Is this indeed "the procedure" that you have followed extremely closely?
If no: what *did* you use?

If yes: could you specify where exactly you get stuck, and what you mean 
by "make a path to rootcint"? Can you quote the error messages? It is 
better to quote to much than too little.

Random guess (sorry if I'm completely off): did you run "source 
/PATH/TO/ROOT/bin/thisroot.sh" (or .csh, if you are a csh user) in the 
same shell as where you are running ccmake? To test this, just *before* 
starting the cmake step, issue this command (in the shell):

which root-config

If this gives the correct path, then the shell is configured with your 
favorite ROOT version and cmake should be able to find it. If the answer 
is empty (or an error) then maybe you should try to source root (again?) 
before running the cmake step.

> All files and directories show that they are in the proper places, and I
> am quite confident that the command I am using is correct, but if anyone
> else has had this problem I would really appreciate any input on how to
> resolve it. This is the final step in having a fully functional Gate
> running computer, and I really need it in order to move forward in my
> research.

Unfortunately, I need to warn you here. You *never* really know if a 
specific compiling problem (or to some bug) is the "final one" until you 
have explicitly confirmed that fixing that one problem resulted in a 
correctly running program. Behind the current roadblock many others may 
still be hiding.

Hope that helps,
David Boersma

PS: You have quite an illustrious name! (I work in proton therapy.)

> Many thanks in advance,
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