[Gate-users] Unable to make connecting path between Gate and Root

Robert Wilson rkwilson at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Nov 28 21:07:26 CET 2016

I have been following the procedure extremely closely, but when I attempt
to make a path to rootcint with cmake it is unable to create it. All files
and directories show that they are in the proper places, and I am quite
confident that the command I am using is correct, but if anyone else has
had this problem I would really appreciate any input on how to resolve it.
This is the final step in having a fully functional Gate running computer,
and I really need it in order to move forward in my research.

Many thanks in advance,

*R. Kevin Wilson*

San Diego State University | *2017*
Department of Physics | *M.S Medical Physics*
Radiation Detection Measuring & Modeling Laboratory
*PET/SPECT Modeling - vGate & GEANT4*

Clemson University | *2015*
College of Engineering & Science
Department of Physics & Astronomy | *B.S. Applied Physics*
CU EBIT & Atomic Physics Laboratory *|* *Intern Recipient and Student

rkwilson at mail.sdsu.edu
rkwilso at g.clemson.edu
(828) 216-5310
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