[Gate-users] Fluence Actor

Triltsch, Nicolas nicolas.triltsch at tum.de
Sat Nov 19 19:17:17 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

I really enjoy this support, as it was a great help so far. A new 
question poped up my mind when dealing with the so called FluenceActor.

As it is written in the Wiki, the option enableScatter prints out the 
.mhd image for scattering. I assume that Compton and Rayleigh scatter 
are combined here. But it should be possible to get the two scatter 
images separate using the command 
//gate/actor/DetectorFluence/separateProcessFilename/. In the Wiki it 
says to do the following:

"Set the file name for the different scatter x-rays processes that hit 
the detector (printf format with runId as a single parameter)"

But I don't understand that! Any help would be great?



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