[Gate-users] Need help to extend GATE geometry definitions

Anders Garpebring anders.garpebring at umu.se
Thu Oct 8 09:06:11 CEST 2015

Dear Gate users,

I have implemented a method to import GDML files into GATE. This means that all types of geometric objects available in Geant4 can be used in GATE, including boolean operations and CAD files (CAD files can be converted to gdml using McCad). However, there is a limitation in my current implementation that I need help to solve. I would like to be able to expose daughters and granddaughters defined in gdml file to the GATE user interface. So it becomes possible to add actors and sources to these. However my knowledge of GATE is not sufficient for that and help from an experienced GATE developer would be most appreciated. Someone who can help me with that?

Kind regards,
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