[Gate-users] Optical processes error - No surface command enabled

David Larsson david.larsson at sth.kth.se
Fri Feb 27 09:34:57 CET 2015

Dear Gate-users,

I am asking a question related to an issue I raised in a previous question/conversation to the mail-list (see e.g. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.science.opengate.user/4549/match=david+larsson)

I want to simulate optical photon processes and have, after having issues with a created macro, gone back to the provided examples of Gate v7.0 (./examples/example_OPTICAL), . However, when trying to run the provided macros my batch run is interrupted with the error below.

Apparently, even though I've added optical processes they seem not to be initialized. Similarly, Gate does not seem to recognize surfaces as a valid feature of my geometries. This even though I run everything from the example folder with the Surfaces.xml and Materials.xml in the same directory.

I have succesfully re-compiled Gate with the optical processes set to 'ON' before attempting the simulations. I am running everything with the following versions:

     Your current Root version is 5.34/22

     Your current Geant4 version is 10.0.3

     Your current CLHEP version is

    Gate v7.0

Does anyone know what the problem might be and why I cannot succesfully simulate optical processes? Anyone having encountered something similar?

Any advice would be very helpful.


David Larsson

Error message:

***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/crystal/surfaces/name Detection1> *****

***** Batch is interrupted!! *****

List of Enabled processes:

   ===  Process: OpticalMie  ===
Particle: opticalphoton

   ===  Process: OpticalBoundary  ===
Particle: opticalphoton

   ===  Process: OpticalAbsorption  ===
Particle: opticalphoton

   ===  Process: OpticalWLS  ===
Particle: opticalphoton

   ===  Process: OpticalRayleigh  ===
Particle: opticalphoton

List of initialized processes:

[Core-0] Initialization of geometry
[Core-0] Initialization of physics
[Physic-0] WARNING: manual physic lists are being deprecated.
Please, use physic list builder mechanism instead. Related documentation can be found at:
[Core-0] Initialization of actors
***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/digitizer/Singles/readout/setDepth 1> *****

***** Batch is interrupted!! *****
Pulse-processor type name 'opticaladder' was not recognised --> insertion request must be ignored!
Session terminated.

-------- EEEE ------- G4Exception-START -------- EEEE -------
*** G4Exception : UI0001
      issued by : G4UIterminal::SignalHandler()
KeyboardInterrput with Ctrl-C
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***
-------- EEEE -------- G4Exception-END --------- EEEE -------

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution ***
Aborted (core dumped)

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