[Gate-users] Geant4 Compilation (for Gate 7.0 Installation)

J.J.M. Kouwenberg j.kouwenberg at erasmusmc.nl
Sat Feb 14 17:31:47 CET 2015

Hi Hojjat,

There isnt too much i can do for you atm, but here is the content of the enviroment file of geant4:


# Bourne shell environment setup script for Geant4 10.1.0
# This script will configure your environment so that any Geant4 supplied
# tools, libraries and data are available in your PATH, library paths etc.
# Data libraries will only be setup if they were installed as part of the
# Geant4 installation.
# Source this script to perform the setup.
# This script is autogenerated by CMake DO NOT EDIT

# Locate directory of self
# Self locate script when sourced
if [ -z "$BASH_VERSION" ]; then
  # Not bash, so rely on sourcing from correct location
  if [ ! -f geant4.sh ]; then
    echo 'ERROR: geant4.sh could NOT self-locate Geant4 installation'
    echo 'This is most likely because you are using ksh, zsh or similar'
    echo 'To fix this issue, cd to the directory containing this script'
    echo 'and source it in that directory.'
    return 1
  g4sls_sourced_dir=$(dirname ${BASH_ARGV[0]})
  geant4_envbindir=$(cd $g4sls_sourced_dir > /dev/null ; pwd)

# Setup binary and library paths...

if test "x$PATH" = "x" ; then
  export PATH="$geant4_envbindir"
  export PATH="$geant4_envbindir":${PATH}

if test "x$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" = "x" ; then
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../lib > /dev/null ; pwd`"
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../lib > /dev/null ; pwd`":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}

# Resource file paths
export G4NEUTRONHPDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4NDL4.5 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4LEDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4EMLOW6.41 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4LEVELGAMMADATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/PhotonEvaporation3.1 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4RADIOACTIVEDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/RadioactiveDecay4.2 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4NEUTRONXSDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4NEUTRONXS1.4 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4PIIDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4PII1.3 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4REALSURFACEDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/RealSurface1.0 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4SAIDXSDATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4SAIDDATA1.1 > /dev/null ; pwd`"
export G4ABLADATA="`cd $geant4_envbindir/../share/Geant4-10.1.0/data/G4ABLA3.0 > /dev/null ; pwd`"


Jasper J.M. Kouwenberg
Medical Physics Graduate student
Nuclear Medicine

E-mail j.kouwenberg at erasmusmc.nl | Phone +316 2532 9809

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Subject: [Gate-users] Geant4 Compilation (for Gate 7.0 Installation)

Dear all,

I am currently trying to compile Geant4 9.6 in order to install Gate 7.0. After I typed the command ccmake ../geant4.9.6.p03 in the Geant4.9.6.p03-build directory and then hit the "c" to perform initial configuration, I have surprisingly faced the following error:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:87 (include):
   include could not find load file:


 CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:90 (include):
   include could not find load file:


 CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:93 (include):
   include could not find load file:


Make Error at CMakeLists.txt:96 (include):
   include could not find load file:


 CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:99 (include):
   include could not find load file:

 CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:99 (include):
   include could not find load file:


 CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:102 (include):
   include could not find load file:


Although, Hermann had addressed such an error (http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.science.opengate.user/2638/match=geant4installdirs) but, actually there is no folder named "bin" in the Geant4.9.6.p03-install directory in order to source the geant4.sh file.

Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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