[Gate-users] VALUE CUT IN LSO?

LORENA VAZQUEZ CANELAS lorena.vazquez at usal.es
Wed Feb 4 19:16:26 CET 2015

I'm a Gate newer
​ and​
I'm doing simulation of Siemens Biograph TruePoint
​ ​
PET/CT, but I don't k
how to set SetCutInRegion in
​ LSO and ​
1cm or 1 mm or other else ?
Is there some rules to set this value when do
other PET simulations?
​Thank you so much!​

LRI - Datación (Despacho Técnicos)
Calle Espejo, s/n, 37008 - Salamanca (Spain)
TEL: +34 923 294930 ext:4932 email: lorena.vazquez at usal.es
web: http://campus.usal.es/~lri/
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