[Gate-users] Compile gjs

Santos, Roque rsantost at vols.utk.edu
Sun Dec 13 17:11:42 CET 2015


I need help with gjs job splitter. I'm working in Ubuntu 10.04. I used Gate in this platform and in Mac, and I noticed that in Mac Gate runs a little faster. I need to increase the speed of the simulation, so I started to try to use gjs. 

At first I couldn't install it because my installation procedure oF GATE does not generate env_gate.sh. (I look for the file in all my computer). I had to use Geant4Config.sh instead. 
Then, gjs wasn't able to compile, I don't know why. The error message was "./src/GateMacfileParser.cc:41:26: error: 'getpid' was not declare in this scope..." 
In a forum I found that if you include <unistd.h> in the  GateMacfileParse.hh, you will be able to compile the code. I did that and the code compiled. 
However after that, when I run gjs I have the message " your macro file given in parameter does not have any extension. Please give it the .mac extension." I don't think is a problem of the extension because I'm writing the name of mi file followed with ".mac". The command line that I'm using to run gjs is: "./gjs -n 8 -cs inveonPET01.mac" 

I'm a chemical engineer pursuing a graduate degree in nuclear engineering. I don't have enough background in programming or compiling or using cmake, etc. I really need help. 

I would appreciate your help. 



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