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Masoud masoud11270 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 21 15:30:43 CEST 2015

Dear all,

In arbitrarypoint-wise spectrum "Arb" comment for definition of an x-ray spectrumusing GATE, the first column is Energy (MeV) and the second one, if we use the numberof photons in each energy is for example:

/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint0.1 50
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.2 60
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.3 70
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.4 80
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.5 90
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.6 100
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.7 90
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.8 80
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 0.9 70
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/histpoint 1.0 60

As you can see the total number of photons in the spectrumis equal 850. So please guide me if I need to set activity in the followingcomment as 850 Bq? And what about time slice?

/gate/source/x-raygun/setActivity 850 Becquerel

/gate/application/setTimeSlice1. S

If I use the normalized value for the second column, what canI set activity? I have just 850 photons not more! Thank you.

Best Regards,


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