[Gate-users] rot1, rot2 macros in benchRT/gamma.mac

Stathis Kamperis ekamperi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 19:36:34 CET 2014

Dear GATE users,

I'm using GATE to simulate gamma and proton beams inside water
phantoms. I'd like to ask a very simple questions:

In benchRT/gamma.mac, what do the 'rot1' and 'rot2' macros do ?
I checked here http://www.opengatecollaboration.org/sites/opengatecollaboration.org/files/GATE_v6.2_Complete_Users_Guide.pdf
and they are not mentioned at all. I suppose they do some sort of
rotation, but what exactly?

Best regards,

P.S. BenchAnalyse.C has a bug; it uses 'gFile' as a variable name for
gammas, but 'gFile' already exists in ROOT in global space and it
creates a conflict (which ends execution). I will submit a patch

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