[Gate-users] Not generating optical photons

Amy Meldrum ameldru at g.clemson.edu
Mon Jan 20 17:32:29 CET 2014

Gate Users,

In an attempt to simplify my simulation to identify the problems, I am
using VGate to model an alpha source, a plastic scintillator, and a PMT.
However, when I run my simulation nothing happens; no optical photons are

I use the OpticalSystem, and set my scintillator material to be a
crystalSD. I have defined my surfaces and have the surface going from my
scintillator to PMT set as perfect_apd (dielectric-metal). My alpha source
is placed just above the scintillator.

For physics I have:
/gate/physics/addProcess Scintillation
/gate/physics/addProcess OpticalAbsorption
/gate/physics/addProcess OpticalRayleigh
/gate/physics/addProcess OpticalBoundary
/gate/physics/processList Enabled

I am at a loss as for why nothing seems to happen with my simulation. Is
there something I am missing or forgot to define?

Thank you for helping,

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