[Gate-users] Non-circular pinhole

Konik, Arda Arda.Konik at umassmed.edu
Tue Jan 14 17:51:03 CET 2014

Hi Debora, I was able to create rectangular openings and apertures using trapezoids (for symmetric pinholes)  or wedges (for asymmetric pinholes), but I am not sure if that's what you needed.
Attached screenshot shows the asymmetric pinhole formed by 4 wedges (in different colors). The blue+white forms a symmetric trapezoid, and yellow+red forms an asymmetric trapezoid (red has longer base)
Note, I haven't analyzed the output data from these preliminary construction, but simulations ran without any error.

PS: I sent this email yesterday but I think it didnt go to the list somehow


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On Jan 13, 2014, at 2:26 PM, Débora Salvado wrote:

Dear GATE users,

Does anyone know how to build a non-circular pinhole?

Thanks in advance,
Debora Salvado
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