[Gate-users] problem with voxelez the phantom

mariam zoubair zoubair-mariam at hotmail.fr
Wed Mar 6 21:49:48 CET 2013

Dear Gate users

I voxelez the phantom for CT image I run the calculation
with a point source (type is backtoback). I found 60 events and 0 scatters it
is for a 512 x512 image I did a test with the same image but with size 32 x 32
I found 72.


I increase slice thickness (pixels):

For slice thickness (pixels) =2     I found 60 Events

                                       =20 I found   72 Events

I found 68 Events

                                      =200 I found 59 Events

Is what is normal to found this
result and the scatter =0
Can you help me

Best regards  


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