[Gate-users] How to get ascii output in vGate6.2

dme627b dme627b at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 01:46:31 CET 2013

Hi Gate-users,

I am using the vGate6.2 on virtual machine to do some simulations. I can get the *.root output for the coincidences and singles results in the system simulation.

I need ascii output to analyse the results in detector simulation, but the command can not be recognised. It is said that:

***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/ascii/enable> *****

Is it the reason of vGate6.2 in which ascii output is not available?

The following commands can not be recognised either.

 Who can help me?

The vGate6.2 is the only release I used.  I do not know the differences on commands between the vGate and normal Gate. Is there anyone can tell me a little about it? Thanks a lot.

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