[Gate-users] Simulations terminate after NumberOfEvents = 4294967294

David Sarrut David.Sarrut at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Fri Jun 14 07:51:32 CEST 2013

Hello Matthew,

you're right 4294967294 is (almost) the max value for "unsigned long". I
did a quick check : in "GateSimulationStatisticActor" the number of events
is stored as a "long int" (not unsigned), so the max value should be
2147483647 (2^31), it can be changed to "unsigned long long int" (uulong to
get to 2^64). There are probably other places in the code that can lead to
crash with this overflow.

As a quick workaround, I suggest, that you split you simulation in smaller
bunches (around 10^9 max).

You can try to seek in the code for such variables that store events or
track number and check if the used types could be changed to something like

We will also try to do it, but our todo list is full for the next coming
weeks. Albertine => could you please add this issue to the bug tracker ?

FYI : the read-only access to the current git repository of Gate (that
contains the current development version with some corrected bugs, and
still non-validated features) will be available soon, but it's a bit
delayed for technical reasons.


On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:41 PM, Matthew Belley <mdb52 at duke.edu> wrote:

> Dear Gate Users,
> I am running simulations with a very high number of particles to obtain
> good statistics.  I am storing dose output using Actors.  The simulations
> terminate early with an error, before running the total number of particles
> I have specified.  I noticed that in my StatsOutput.txt file, that the
> "NumberOfEvents" value is always equal to 4294967294 when the program
> terminates.
> Considering that 2^32 = 4294967296 is very close to the value of4294967294 -- it seems like I have exceed the storage capacity of the data
> type that stores event data?
> Is there a fix for this issue to allow me to run a simulation with more
> events?
> Best regards,
> Matthew Belley
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