[Gate-users] error in gate6.2 installation

Stiller, Wolfram Wolfram.Stiller at med.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Sep 17 14:17:25 CEST 2012

Hello Ismet,

I haven't tried myself for the new version yet, so this is just a guess based on past experience: I remember that I had problems linking Gate when using the 'make"-command together with the "job" (-j)-switch. On my machine it seemed that some compilation jobs needed for linking (or for compiling other parts of Gate) had not finished when the next free job tried to link or compile something that needed other finished compilation jobs already. Thus I suggest to try to make process without any '-j'-switch. It will take longer but might get rid of the error(s) you have encountered.

Good luck,


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Betreff: [Gate-users] error in gate6.2 installation

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install the new Gate 6.2 on Ubuntu 12.04

I have the following error when trying to install the Gate

make -j4

the following error (and many more) appeared..

[  2%] Built target itkzlib
[  7%] Built target ITKMetaIO
Linking CXX executable /home/ismet/gate_v6.2/Gate
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4FR.so: error: undefined reference to 'HepGeom::Point3D<double>::transform(HepGeom::Transform3D const&)'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'CLHEP::HepRotation::setPhi(double)'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'HepGeom::Transform3D::Identity'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'HepGeom::Transform3D::inverse() const'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'CLHEP::Hep3Vector::transform(CLHEP::HepRotation const&)'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'HepGeom::Transform3D::operator*(HepGeom::Transform3D const&) const'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'CLHEP::HepRotation::IDENTITY'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4GMocren.so: error: undefined reference to 'CLHEP::HepRotation::HepRotation(CLHEP::Hep3Vector const&, double)'
/home/ismet/geant4.9.5.p01-install/lib/libG4visHepRep.so: error: undefined reference to 'CLHEP::HepRotation::phiX() const'

Anybody have any idea what is going on ?

your help is really appreciated..


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