[Gate-users] Annihilation Point

Manuele Calussi manuele.calussi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 14:09:04 CET 2012

Hi Gate-Users
I have one problem to store in the simulation the annihilation point.
I simulate one cylindrical scanner PET, where I place one sphere source of
F18, inside one phantom of water; I want to plot the annihilation point but
I do not know how to store this type of data in the Root output.
I saw in the example_ROOT_Analyse, there is a root output file named
data_PET.root; inside this file, there are some folder and in one of this,
named Gate, is stored the annihilation point. I want to know how I can
obtain the same folder in my simulation, using the Root output file,
because there is not a Gate-macro correlated to the output file
I post below the part of my Gate-macro where I set the type of the output
     ROOT Output format
/gate/output/root/setFileName MyWork_2
/gate/output/root/setRootNtupleFlag 1
/gate/output/root/setRootHitFlag 1
/gate/output/root/setRootSinglesFlag 1
/gate/output/root/setRootCoincidencesFlag 1
/gate/output/root/setSaveRndmFlag 1
#/gate/output/verbose 2

Help me please.
Best Regards
Manuele Calussi
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