[Gate-users] is muscle tissue already mixed with water?

Andreas Duschl duschl at hicat.de
Thu May 3 11:25:15 CEST 2012

Hi Gaters,


I would like to create a phantom which also contains muscle tissue. So my
question is: do I have to mix muscle as appears in the material database
with water to get a realistic phantom or is this already considered?


I also defined the material collagen like this:


Collagen: d=1.3g/cm3; n=4; state=Solid

                +el: name=Carbon; n=23

                +el: name=Hydrogen; n=30

                +el: name=Nitrogen; n=4

                +el:name=Oxygen; n=4


In this case in order to get a more or less realistic model of tendon I
think I have to do something like this:


Tendon: d=.. g/cm3 ; n=..

                 +mat: name=Water ; f=





thank you







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