[Gate-users] startDAQ doesn't start (Vesna Cuplov)

Marcin Balcerzyk m.balcerzyk at pluri.ucm.es
Tue Mar 20 15:48:10 CET 2012

Dear Vesna.

I remember that setting time slice is quite strictly connected with
radioactive decay. Maybe forcing your light source to be radioactive with
say 3 years halflife ForcedUnstable yes would make it work?

I hope that helps, kind regards

Marcin Balcerzyk

   1. startDAQ doesn't start (Vesna Cuplov)


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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 12:48:03 +0100
From: Vesna Cuplov <vesna.cuplov at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Gate-users] startDAQ doesn't start
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Hello everyone,

I am running a simple macro which simulates a scanner system (PMT plus pixel
array). I work with a voxelized moby phantom. My source is a simple optical
photon source.

When I use:
/gate/application/setTotalNumberOfPrimaries       1000

I can detect all the fluorescent optical photons that were emitted by the
fluorophore inserted in the moby phantom.

But when I switch to:
/gate/application/setTimeSlice   1 s
/gate/application/setTimeStart   0   ms
/gate/application/setTimeStop    1 s

Nothing seems to occur in the simulation. I don't even see any optical
photons being produced by the source....

I tried to fix that by adding the following to the source description:
/gate/source/Mysource/setForcedUnstableFlag false but that did not help.

My source is defined as follows:

/gate/source/addSource                                Mysource gps
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/particle               opticalphoton
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/energytype          Mono
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/polarization           1 0 0
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/monoenergy             3.1 eV
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/centre                 1. 1.6 -200. cm
/gate/source/Mysource/gps/direction 0. 0. 1.
#/gate/source/Mysource/setForcedUnstableFlag false

If you have any idea on what could be missing in my simulation while
switching from setTotalNumberOfPrimaries and startDAQ, let me know.



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