[Gate-users] Enabling ECAT, LMF, and online plotter

Victor Cheung racevictor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 04:08:16 CEST 2012

Dear All,

I am trying to enable ECAT, LMF and online plotter output in Gate V6.1.

I downloaded and compiled the ecat and lmf_v3.0 successfully.
For ecat, I created two folders "include" and "lib"  and copied the *.a
into "lib" and *.h into "include", as suggested in the user guide.
For lmf, the examples can be complied successfully (except exempleMain_04)

I added the following lines into env_gate.sh:
export ROOTSYS=/home/victor/root
export ECAT7_HOME=/home/victor/ecat
export LMF_HOME=/home/victor/lmf_v3.0

I executed "source env_gate.sh" and it showed:
==> OK: /home/victor/root/lib is already in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Use of ROOT enabled
ROOT real-time plotter enabled
==> OK: /home/victor/lmf_v3.0/lib is already in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
LMF data output enabled
ECAT7 data output enabled

Then I executed "make clean; make", and it compiled without errors. (after
bug fix from

However in gate when I execute "ls /gate/output", neither ECAT, LMF nor
plotter existed.
when I execute "/gate/output/lmf/enable",
"/gate/output/sinogram/enable", "/gate/output/ecat7/enable"
and "/gate/output/plotter/enable" after *initialisation* , it showed
"command not found"


Thanks a lot.

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