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Pietrzyk, Uwe u.pietrzyk at fz-juelich.de
Fri Aug 17 13:36:35 CEST 2012

Hi Pat,

please find attached hit collection of mac-files, which
I use for the generation of projections. Note, that this
example is of a similar configuration than the EduGATE-
example: Gamma_Camera, where we created a configuration
file to easily modify parameter.
Try to take a low activity, switch on the visualization and
watch the camera circulating around the source …

I checked your projection file and it doesn't look wrong,
but indeed, also not quite right. Did you acquire a full

Best wishes and kind regards

U. Pietrzyk

Prof. Dr. Uwe Pietrzyk
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On 16.08.2012, at 00:06, P. T. wrote:

> Hi Prof. Dr. Uwe Pietrzyk
> Thanks a lot for your attention.
> I opened your attached projection file. Everything is good and all
> projections are seen correctly.
> Did you disable “spblurring” related to digitizer in your simulation?
> Somebody tell me, this bug, related to spatial blurring, maybe existed
> in Gate6.1.
> I repeat my simulation by stationary point source (in center of FOV)
> and single head SPECT system. But some projections are quite black
> again! I've attached the projection file( 32 projections, 128x128
> pixel)
> It is possible for you to send me your  “*.mac” file related to
> simulated one-head SPECT  with three gamma source to run in my system?
> I’m very grateful.
> Best Regards
> Pat
> <viewer.rar>

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