[Gate-users] Problem with using Zubal phantom

thibault.mauxion at inserm.fr thibault.mauxion at inserm.fr
Wed Aug 8 12:12:30 CEST 2012


Could you send us your interfile header please? Looks like you number 
of slices is set (or recognized) to 0. If you think it could be a 
XMedCon problem, you can try to manually create your header (this is how 
i did it and never got any conversion issues). You will find an example 
in the "voxelized phantom source" folder in gate example DB.

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Le 6 août 2012 à 10:06, Shahla Razaghi a écrit :

Dear Gate users,

I am trying to use zubal phantom for my CT simulation. I have converted
phantom data to interfile format by means of XMedCon. After executing 
macro the following error related to phantom occurs:

'nrecognised type name 'unsigned integer
'nrecognised type name 'unsigned integer
Header read from       'voxel_man.h33'
'Data file name         'voxel_man.i33
Nb of planes:           0
Nb of pixels per plane: 128 128
Pixel size:             1.000e+00 1.000e+00
Slice thickness:        0.000e+00
Matrix size:            1.280e+02 1.280e+02
Data type:

Error: one of the matrix dimensions is zero!
Translation speed = 0 0 32. mm/s

List of initialized processes:

[Core-0] Initialization of geometry
ERROR - G4Box()::G4Box(): myphantom_solid
        Dimensions too small ! - 0, 0, 0

*** G4Exception : InvalidSetup
      issued by : G4Box::G4Box()
Invalid dimensions. Too small.
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution ***

I thought that this problem is related to conversion process, I 
the process but could not find the reason.
I do appreciate any suggestion.

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