[Gate-users] About using two systems during one simulation

Wuwei Ren rww0602 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 17:00:22 CEST 2011

Hi, dear GATE-User,

Recently I am working on a project in which we need two scintillators
to record the hits at the same time. However, they belong to different
systems, say SPECThead and scanner. It seems difficult to attach
CrystalSD to both of the scintillators. I have the following warning

/gate/systems/scanner/level1/attach SPECThead2
/gate/systems/scanner/level2/attach crystal_2

Information about errors:
Volume 'crystal_2' belongs to system 'systems/scanner'
while the crystalSD has already been attached to a volume from another
system ('systems/SPECThead').
Attachment request ignored --> you won't have any hit output from this volume!!!

Can not attach crystalSD!

What should I do to attachcrystalSD to both of them?


best regards,
Wuwei Ren

Wuwei Ren (任无畏)
School of Technology and Health
Royal Institute of Technology
Address: Alfred Nobels Allé 10, Hiddinge, 141 52, Sweden
Program: Medical Imaging
Email: rww0602 at gmail.com, wuwei at kth.se

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