[Gate-users] Help: No output

Cao Tuoyu tuoyucao at bnl.gov
Mon Sep 19 04:56:26 CEST 2011

> Hi all,
> I am using v6.1 GATE in a linux server. I can run macro withour error and I enabled ascii output following the User Guide. Gate can provide ascii output file but they are all empty, even with the example code from the User Guide. Moreover, I find when I use "/gate/output/lmf/enable" to enable lmf output, the software says this command does not exist.  

> I checked everything  following the User Guide. So what could be the reason? Is there any trick for this V6.1 GATE which is not in the User Guide? Or missing some particular installation files can cause this problem?  I appreciate so much for any suggestions. 
> Tuoyu Cao


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