[Gate-users] How to simulate SPECT slant hole collimatior

Yanfei Mao yanfei_mao017 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 18:10:38 CEST 2011

Hi Didier,

Thank you for your reply. I am writing a program for slant hole collimator. I try to call 
functions in GATE to generate oblique hexagonal prism. However, class 
G4Trap only allows to create general trapezoid. In the program for 
fanbeam collimator (GateParameterisedCollimatorInserter), it calls class GateTrapCreator to create fanbeam. In the parallel beam collimator program (GateParallelBeamInserter), it 
calls class GateHexagonCreator to create right hexagonal prism. 
1. Which one can I use to generate oblique hexagonal prism, GateTrapCreator or GateHexagonCreator? 
 How do they create fanbeam collimator? (First, call GateTrapCreator to 
generate one hexagonal prism, then, call G4PVParameterised to repeat 
hexagonal prism in the whole collimator?)
3. What's the function of GateBoxReplicaInserter in GataParallelBeamInserter?

Thank you!
Yanfei Mao

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Hi Yanfei,

Actually you can't simulate a slant hole collimator easily in GATE (there are no commands for that). The only way is to write your own code in C++ in GATE taking example from the code already made for the parallel and the fanbeam collimator.

Kind Regards,

On Sep 23, 2011, at 7:38 PM, Yanfei Mao wrote:

Hello all,
>I just finish the simulation of SPECT parallel hole collimator, and now have to switch to the slant hole collimator. I only find commands for the fan beam collimator. Is there any command can be used for the slant hole? Besides those commands given in the user guide, how can I find other available commands?   
>Does anyone have example code for cone beam collimator?
>Thank you!
>Yanfei Mao
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