[Gate-users] Y90 Source

juan camilo bedoya tobon jcbedoyat at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 16:01:10 CEST 2011

Good morning

I would like to ask how to define a source of yttrium-90, by voxelized

cuando dorro el programa, me corre bien pero no obtengo resultados de dosis.

Me podrian ayudar

The attempt to define a typo ion source, but I get no result of dose
or coincidence. I define it as:

# V O X E L   S O U R C E   B A S E D  O N   T H E   H O F F M A N   B
R A I N   P H A N T O M

/gate/source/addSource voxel_brain voxel

/gate/source/voxel_brain/reader/insert interfile
/gate/source/voxel_brain/interfileReader/translator/insert range
/gate/source/voxel_brain/interfileReader/rangeTranslator/describe 1
/gate/source/voxel_brain/interfileReader/readFile brain_phantom.h33
/gate/source/voxel_brain/setPosition   -140.8 -140.8 -89.6 mm

/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/particle ion
/gate/source/voxel_brain/setForcedUnstableFlag true
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/ion 9 18 0 0
/gate/source/voxel_brain/setForcedHalfLife 6586.2 s
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/energytype Fluor18
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/monoenergy 0. MeV
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/number 1
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/confine NULL
/gate/source/voxel_brain/gps/angtype iso
/gate/source/voxel_brain/dump 1


 and my process are:


/gate/physics/addProcess PhotoElectric gamma
/gate/physics/addProcess Compton gamma
/gate/physics/addProcess LowEnergyRayleighScattering gamma

/gate/physics/addProcess Bremsstrahlung


/gate/physics/Gamma/SetCutInRegion      LSO 1.0 cm
/gate/physics/Electron/SetCutInRegion   LSO 1.0 cm
/gate/physics/Positron/SetCutInRegion   LSO 1.0 cm

/gate/physics/Gamma/SetCutInRegion      hof_brain 0.1 mm
/gate/physics/Electron/SetCutInRegion   hof_brain 0.1 mm
/gate/physics/Positron/SetCutInRegion   hof_brain 0.1 mm

/gate/physics/SetMaxStepSizeInRegion    hof_brain 0.01 mm

thank you very much

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