[Gate-users] Problem opening standard viewer for visualization

Tuan huynht4 at mcmaster.ca
Fri Mar 4 16:01:29 CET 2011

Hello Gate Users,

I have recently installed Gate and I have encountered a problem when
trying to open the standard viewer.  The viewer never opens and I get
the following messages whenever I try.  

Idle> vis/open OGLSX
G4OpenGLViewer::G4OpenGLViewer X Server has no GLX extension.
G4OpenGLStoredX::CreateViewer: error flagged by negative view id in
G4OpenGLStoredXViewer creation.
 Destroying view and returning null pointer.
ERROR in G4VisManager::CreateViewer during OpenGLStoredX viewer
  No action taken.
WARNING: No viewer created.

How can I solve this?

Tuan Huynh

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