[Gate-users] The reason for the differences of .dat file between GATE4 and GATE6.(Difference from where?)

Jinxia Guo jinxia.guo2009 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 19:04:08 CET 2011

Dear Users,

I have compared the result between GATE4 and GATE6. In each mac file, I set
the same camera, the same phantom, the same source and activity, all the
same digitizer parameters and the same simulation time. Almost all setting
are same except the physics part due to the version. I recorded the result:
                                        GATE4       GATE6
time cost:                         5min           6min (longer than GATE4)
Hits.dat(size):                 36MB         84MB
Singles.dat:                    20MB         17MB
Coincidences.dat:         2.9MB        1.3MB

The size of the GATE6's hits.dat is larger than GATE4's. I think it's
because there are more physics process recorded in GATE6. Now what I don't
understand is that why the size of GATE6's singles.dat/coincidences.dat is
smaller than GATE4's. I checked the information in the .dat file. I found
there are singles coming from 'CylindericalPET_P', 'Phantom_P' and 'Septa_P'
in GATE4 while singles in GATE6 are only come from 'Phantom_P' and
'Septa_P'. Then what 'CylindericalPET_P' means? Who knows?
PS. I have phantom and septa attached phantomSD in each mac file. I don't
have CylindericalPET attached phantomSD in each mac file.

Thanks in advanced.


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