[Gate-users] on source definition and actors

catarina veiga catarinavveiga at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 18:38:09 CET 2011

Hello to all users,

I am trying to implement on GATE a simulation of a proton beam interacting
in a real CT data. I've got a couple of questions about implementation
issues that I can't come across on GATE user's manual and the examples given
can't really answer me.

1- about the source. I want to implement a simple beam, with a circular
cross section in a particular direction. What's the best way of implementing
it? For example, considering the direction the beam is propagating is
(0,1,0), with the beam centre at origin (0,0,0) and a circular cross section
(radius 1) in a xz plane. Particularly, can someone provide which parameters
and their explanation are needed to set a beam type of source, since that is
completly skipped in users guide?

2- about dose actors. One of possible measurements is dose in the voxel. In
what units is this dose given? And is this dose to the material of the voxel
or equivalent dose to water?

Best regards,
Catarina Veiga

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