[Gate-users] non-uniform source distribution

Enrico Clementel enrico.clementel at ugent.be
Fri Aug 5 15:01:16 CEST 2011

Thank you André, thank you Geron for your feedback.
Switching to MT as a random engine did the trick. Ranlux was the problematic one.
Now the sources are evenly distributed, cfr the attached image.
Kind Regards,

On 02 Aug 2011, at 21:56, Geron Bindseil wrote:
> Hi Enrico,
> Your source description looks fine as it is. Without knowing how your phantom is defined, my first guess is that what you are seeing is an attenuation effect. The source locations in the root file are all from detected prompts, not including all the decays.
> I would suggest setting your phantom material to be air, and see if you get a more uniform distribution.
> Kind Regards,
> Geron
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> Geron Bindseil
> PhD Candidate, Physics
> University of Western Ontario
> London, Ontario, Canada
> On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Enrico Clementel <enrico.clementel at ugent.be> wrote:
> Dear Gate Users,
> I'm modeling a Gemini TF scanner with a simple uniform water cylinder in it to test image reconstruction software. I'm using Gate 6.1 and saving to root output.
> I kept seeing artifacts in the final image. Saving all the sources location in an image yields the following:
> There is clearly a higher concentration of sources in the phantom's center, the source intensity appears to be higher at the right side of the transaxial image and also note the diagonal line crossing the phantom in the coronal image.
> Here is the macro section containing information about the source I'm using:
> /gate/source/addSource bg
> /gate/source/bg/setActivity 111000000 becquerel
> /gate/source/bg/setType backtoback
> /gate/source/bg/gps/particle gamma
> /gate/source/bg/gps/energytype Mono
> /gate/source/bg/gps/monoenergy 511 keV
> /gate/source/bg/setForcedUnstableFlag true
> /gate/source/bg/setForcedHalfLife 6586 s
> /gate/source/bg/gps/angtype iso
> /gate/source/bg/gps/type Volume
> /gate/source/bg/gps/shape Cylinder
> /gate/source/bg/gps/radius 175 mm
> /gate/source/bg/gps/halfz 93 mm
> /gate/source/bg/gps/centre 0. 0. 0. cm
> /gate/source/bg/gps/angtype iso
> /gate/source/bg/gps/mintheta 0. deg
> /gate/source/bg/gps/maxtheta 180. deg
> /gate/source/bg/gps/minphi 0. deg
> /gate/source/bg/gps/maxphi 360. deg
> This is the only source I have set in the macro.
> Does anyone have any idea what the reason for this might be?
> Thank you
> Enrico
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