[Gate-users] gjs's time calculation

王之光 wangzg at sibs.ac.cn
Thu Dec 23 06:22:23 CET 2010

Hi all,


I found that the gjs does not concern about the units of the
“setTimeStart” and “setTimeStop”. That means if my mac file is as below:



/gate/application/setTimeStart  0. S

/gate/application/setTimeStop  6000.0 ms


, the gjs will calculate the VirtrualStartTime and the VirtualStopTime using
6000.0 second, not 6000.0 microsecond.


I think this is a bug.




Zhiguang Wang

System & Algorithm Engineer

Shanghai Research Center of Biomedical Engineering

Chinese Academic of Science


Phone: +86-021-50720318-8024

E-mail: wangzg at sibs.ac.cn


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