[Gate-users] FW: Please help with /gate/output/plotter/showPlotter

Tran, Vi Hoa (GE Healthcare) ViHoa.Tran at ge.com
Mon Nov 30 16:23:52 CET 2009

 Dear Gaters,
I successfully compiled Gate (Version 5.0.0_P01) with  both
The ROOT version is 5.22.  Geant4.92_P02. (Both running fine).
GATE  is also running fine  and ROOT files are produced, but I have
problem getting the showPlotter to work properly. 
In a  GATE  interactive session, I know the Plotter module is available,
because when I type "ls /gate/out/plotter", I do get the list of
commands that belong to the plotter: such as :
command :
However, the "showPlotter" command does not display the ROOT window.
The command was executed with no error message, but nothing happens.
Other plotter commands execute with no error messages.  The listPlots
command does list all the plots that I add with addPlot.  Just that no
ROOT figure is seen. 
I use the example online plotter commands shown on page 170 of the
When I typed: "/gate/output/plotter/showPlotter", I was expecting a root
window with a title "Gate Plotter" to popup, but it did not.
I have also tried using those example commands in a macro with no luck
Can some one tell me what I did not do right?
It is  not clear if I can only run plotter commands in the certain
simulation state.  If so, please tell the conditions when I can run
those plotter commands.   
gcc version 4.1.1 20061001 (Red Hat 4.1.1-30) ; on a 64-bit machine.
I went through the archives and saw a similar issue reported back in Aug
Thanks In Advance
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