[Gate-users] Problems combining aliases and jobsplitter

Ida Häggström ida.haggstrom at radfys.umu.se
Mon Nov 2 12:50:20 CET 2009


I have encountered a little problem. I run my simulations on a cluster so I
use the jobsplitter module. I want to combine this with running in batch
mode... I haven't found how you can pass the variables when using gjs, so
I've simply added a few lines at the top of my macro so I can easily change
them without having to change things in different files or at different
places. For example, I add:

/control/alias CylActivity "100000"
/control/alias RawOutputName "output/test/rawOutput"
/control/alias RootOutputName "output/test/rootOutput"

at the top, and later in the macro I have:

/gate/source/positron/setActivity {CylActivity}. becquerel
/gate/output/raw/setFileName {RawOutputName}
/gate/output/root/setFileName {RootOutputName}

The problem is that the file names for root and raw output don't seem to
work! Strangely, the source activity does... Anyway, my output files end up
in my current directory, default filenames. My aliases do work (outputs end
up in subdirectories) when I run directly in Gate without splitting the job,

>> Gate Main.mac

but not when I use jobsplitter

>> gjs -numberofsplits 8 -clusterplatform openmosix Main.mac

Any ideas? thanks!
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