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Hongwei Ye howellye at yahoo.com
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Hi, Guocheng,

Thank you very much for your response.

I'm not sure if I made the same mistake as you. I have changed the library of physical process from "standard" to "lowenergy" but the same thing happened. So I guess that is not the problem. 

I attached my macro file for all GATE users to review. If you find anything wrong (or suspicious), please let me know.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Hongwei,
I also encountered this problem before,  but I can't find the problem, so I
attached my macro to help, finally find that the process of physics define
error. So, if you haven't resolve the problems, maybe you can attached your
macros. And all the gate users will check them for you. 

Good luck.
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Dear GATE group and users,

I found a wield thing when I simulated a LYSO-based PET system: the line
source is put out of FOV and inside a polyethylene cylinder. The purpose of
this simulation is to find how many scatters come from the source outside

However, some true coincidences (about 1.5%) were found!! I have checked
their annihiliation positions using ASCII output and they indeed came from
the line source. If I connected two detecors using a line, annihilations
CANNOT locate on this line ( not even close to). One example is given below.
If you just checked Z positions and you can find the problem: 2.181e+02 for
annihilation, 7.711e+01 for one single, and 1.479e+02 for another single.
And NO scattering happens before photons entered the detectors.

0  608372     0 9.598e-01 -4.609e+01 2.181e+02 4.68951501753163224606169e+00
6.184e-01 -3.021e+02 -3.291e+02 7.711e+01     0    30     0     0   791
0      0     1     0     0 0.000e+00 0.000e+00      

0  608372     0 9.598e-01 -4.609e+01 2.181e+02 4.68951501764343259281986e+00
4.892e-01 4.002e+02 1.912e+02 1.479e+02     0     3     0     0  1026     0
0     0     0     0 0.000e+00 0.000e+00

Could anyone give explainations for this??  Thank you very much.


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