[Gate-users] GATE 5 performance vs. GATE 4

Seb sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Wed Jul 1 18:52:07 CEST 2009


It was not the case during the code testing period.
But I will check ASAP a specific part of the code which could induce 
this trouble.
I will provide a patch if necessary.
Thanks for your remark
> I've successfully installed GATE 5 alongside GATE 4, and noticed that
> it is significantly slower.  The bnechmarkPET macro takes 70% longer
> to run under GATE 5 than under GATE 4, which was my first clue that
> there was a difference.  I also found that a simulation I've made of
> two Siemens Inveon detector modules with no external source aside from
> intrinsic LSO activity runs 16% slower in GATE 5 than in GATE 4.
> The support files I am using are:
> -GEANT4 9.1 patch 03
> -ROOT 5.20
> -LMF 3.0
> -ECAT 7
> I've tried changing the random number generator between the JamesHep
> and Twister algorithms, as well as using GEANT4 9.2 p01, but neither
> of those steps has changed the computing time noticeably.  Has anyone
> else run into this yet, and is it expected to happen?  Any ideas as to
> why the new code is so much slower than before?
> Thanks a lot,
> -Bryan
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