[Gate-users] Support for Sun Grid Engine

Marc Chamberland mchamber at connect.carleton.ca
Thu Jan 29 16:01:35 CET 2009

Hi Gate Users!

Recently, I had to add support for the Sun Grid Engine to the Cluster  
Tools of my Gate installation. I am aware that this is a feature that  
some other people want, so I am making my modified files available to  
you. I offer no guarantee on them, though.

Also, credit should go to Dirk Kruecker who implemented the openPBS  
support. I realized that supporting the SGE would only take very  
little modifications to the openPBS support, so I reused his  
implementation of openPBS. I hope that's allowed under the GPL. I  
don't want to take credit for his work.

If anyone is interested in the SGE support, just send me an email and  
I'll be glad to forward my files to you.


Marc Chamberland
M.Sc. candidate
Carleton University

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