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Dear Ali,

The dose you see in the output dose file is always in the phantom since by definition the file has the same dimensions as the phantom.
Have you checked that the phantom is positioned properly with respect to the source ?
Have you used a translation table to assign materials to voxels in the phantom ?
Was your source a voxellized source as well ?  If so, did you translate it by half its dimensions ?


On 1/18/09 6:56 AM, "AliAsghar Parach" <aaparach at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear users!
I ran GATE4.0.0 successfully(the root was not installed completely but the gate was ran with no error, I simulate voxelisedphantom only without any camera information)
when i simulate an sphere with activity only in it's center and the material was set to Water and out of phantom material was set to Vacuum. the simulation was ran successfully but in output dose file there was seen dose out of the phantom(Vacuum).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I set all of the material to Vacuum but i saw dose in output file in Vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is it's proof?

can any one help me to solve my problem???????????

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