[Gate-users] probelm with gate 4.0.0 and pet benchmark

e.pasca at nki.nl e.pasca at nki.nl
Thu Jan 15 16:28:22 CET 2009

Dear gate-users

I have installed gate 4.0.0 on a Linux/Debian 4.0 machine.
I am running the following:
ROOT 5.14
LWF 3.0
I compiled everything on that machine.

It's been an effort to have everything running correctly, but at the end I have managed to compile Gate and even being able to type Gate and have its console waiting for input.

Therefore I went to the first thing to do: run the benchmarkPET, since PET is what I'm interested in.
I can correctly visualise with openGL by commenting /vis/disable and uncommenting /control/execute visu.mac

but the execution stops as soon as Gate encounters commands involving ROOT:

/gate/output/root/setFileName benchmarkPET returns a "unknown command". Moreover, since the Gate console is quite intelligent it makes command completion, but there is no completion for any command concerning ROOT output: nothing is found if you type /gate/output/root....

I tried to set the ROOTSYS variable (by the way where should it point to?) to the directory where I unpacked root (as I found on the web), but with no luck.

At the moment the benchmark is running (at least that's my feeling) and keeping 100% CPU time.

Thanks for any help


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