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Chen, Yu Yu.Chen at umassmed.edu
Wed Apr 1 23:45:26 CEST 2009

Hi, Maria,
Since GATE initially is the Geant4 Application for Emission Tomography, there are only e+/e-, photon particles involved, therefore electromagnetic interaction is the only one needed to be considered. Current GATE provides two EM packages for your choice: standard and low energy. 
When GATE is going to extend its application to Radiotherapy, the EM process is still enough for photon and electron radiotherapy. However for hadron (pion, proton, ions) radiotherapy, the hadronic interaction process must be included. Geant4 has a few hadronic interaction packages implemented. As I know, several groups including ours are validating those packages in proton radiotherapy. GATE may include proton therapy application in its future version.
Dependent on your purpose and your familiarity to Geant4, you always can play Geant4 in GATE by modifying GATE physics list and particle list modules to include Geant4 hadronic packages and hadron particle definitions. 
Hope it helps.
Yu Chen, PhD

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   1. ionization question (Maria Maria)


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Dear GATE users,

I would like to know if GATE can simulate the ionization (dE/dx) of other than e+/- particles, such as heavy ions, protons and pions. And if yes, how can I do this ?

Thank you in advance.


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