[Gate-users] Material Database - did not load properties table for material

Susana Branco Silva susana.silva at fc.ul.pt
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Dear Patrick,


As explain in the warning message, this is only a problem if you intend to
track optical photon (eg. in a crystal) rather than to use the blurring and
splburring modules of the digitizer.


To track optical photons, you will need to add the description of optical
properties of materials of interest in the "Materials.xml" file.


Hope this help you.




Susana Branco Silva



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I try to simulate a clearpet neuro and when I set the material of the
crystals it works fine for LSO but when I set the material to LuYAP-70
there's a warning, althoug I cannot see any difference in the structure of
the definition of these two materials:


'/gate/layer0/setMaterial LSO' works fine


'/gate/layer1/setMaterial LuYAP-70' says:


GateMaterialDatabase: did not load properties table for material 'LuYAP-70'.

     This is only a problem when OPTICAL PHOTONS are transported in this



Can I avoid this? Does it matter? Where is the difference in the definition
between LSO and LuYAP? I see different elements but apart from that it looks


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