[Gate-users] Problem with parallelepiped geometry

Ana Carina Oliveira ana.carina.oliveira at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 19:22:45 CET 2008

Dear GATE users,


I would like to use a parallelepiped to simulate a collimator's geometry.
However, I'm getting the following error message when I try to run my macro:


****<command not found /gate/collimator/geometry/setDx 100. mm> ****



/gate/SPECThead/daughters/name collimator
/gate/SPECThead/daughters/insert parallelepiped
/gate/collimator/geometry/setDx 100. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setDy 411.2 mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setDz 322.1 mm



I'm wondering if there is any problem with this function on GATE. I believe
that Gilberto (GATE mailing list - April 2008) had the same problem, but t
no solutions were provided to solve this problem. As a consequence, I would
appreciate if you could help me on this issue.


Best Regards,


Ana Oliveira

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