[Gate-users] Question for NCAT users

Sonal Ambwani ambwani at bu.edu
Thu Jul 24 21:59:00 CEST 2008


I have a couple of doubts regarding setting the Voxelized NCAT phantom.

a) As you know, the NCAT software produces the activity and the attenuation
data simultaneously. I am trying to figure out the use of these data files
in Gate. I planned to use the attenuation file as the Voxelized phantom, and
the activity file as the Voxelized source...both in interfile format. The
simulation ran without error...but the sinograms turned out to be null. What
is the general practice for setting the vox. phantom and source with respect
to NCAT ( or any other voxelized phantom for that matter).
Also, what is the deal with setting the position of the vox.
source.../gate/source/voxel/setPosition -128. -128. _ _
In the huffman brain phantom example...the position was set to -128. -128
-55. So if I have 92 128 x 128 slices...do I set it to -128 -128 -92 ? It
does not quite make sense with the explanation given in the user guide. I
was really hoping someone would explain this to me...even though this is
rather silly question.

b) This one is regarding the range translation tables. Could someone provide
me with a working range tables for both voxelized phantom and source in the
case of NCAT data. This would be a big help.

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