[Gate-users] RE: Save random flag versus ROOT output

Maria Holstensson Maria.Holstensson at icr.ac.uk
Thu Jan 31 14:16:35 CET 2008


Thanks for your reply! I tried setting all those flags to 0, but it
doesn't make that big a difference in the size of the ROOT output file.

I have all the information I need in the ASCII output, and due to lack
of disk space I would like to exclude the ROOT output. But it doesn't
seem to be possible? 
(If I at the same time want the random seeds)

Thanks again,

>>> "Hannes Hofmann" <opengate at f00f.de> 31/01/2008 10:22 >>>

> Yes, at the moment my solution is the one you
> suggest - to include the ROOT output. But my simulations are run on
> external grid, and because the files are so big it takes a long time
> download the output files. Therefore I delete the ROOT files before
> downloading.

You could also consider disabling some output for ROOT if you do not
them, e.g.
/gate/output/root/setRootHitFlag 0
/gate/output/root/setRootSinglesFlag 0
/gate/output/root/setRootNtupleFlag 0

> Regarding the ASCII output, yes I have had a look at these in Excel
> they are truncated because the list is too long. But are they also
> truncated when analysing them with C-scripts such as
> benchmark_projections.c and benchmark_spectra.c? That wouldn't be
> ideal...

No, why should they... Excel is just not made for such things.


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