[Gate-users] DIGITIZER

Stabin, Michael michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jan 23 16:32:10 CET 2008


Hi everyone!

I just started working with GATE using the SPECThead system to run some

My simulation using Tc-99m (monoenergy) looks fine, but I'm trying to
use I-131  and In-111 (two emission energies) and I'm not sure about
some details: 

For I-131, for example,  I split the source activity  between emission
frequencies 364.5 keV (81.7%), 637 keV (7.17%),  722.9 keV (1.77%) 284.3
keV (6.14%) and 80.2 keV (2.62%) so, my doubt is:

How can I do my DIGITIZER module? Must I split it? 


Thanks in advance

Jucilene Pereira

jucilene_den_ufpe at yahoo.com.br


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