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Jan De Beenhouwer jan.debeenhouwer at ugent.be
Wed Oct 24 14:00:20 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 19:45 +0900, Park MinJae wrote:
> Dear Jan,
> Even though ROOT recovered some keys...there is no problem with processing
> root files and there are no missing data...

"Key recovery" is an attempt to recover your data when the root file is
(partially) corrupted. This happens when the root file was not closed
properly for example. This means you are missing data.
> Now I figure out what the problem is...
> The problem is ROOT version...
> Filemerger works very good with root 5.14...even without fastMerge...
> Filemerger with root 5.12 works partially...such as with fastMerge option on
> small root files...

The file merger should work with all of these root versions.

> I think, latest_event_id is not related with filemerger or gate
> simulation...

This is absolutely not the case. The ONLY reason of existence of the
file merger is the correction of eventIDs, which is completely dependent
on the latest_event_id in each root file. If you're not interested in
eventIDs, you can merge the root file in any way you like.

> root files from benchmark do not have any entry in latest_event_id...
> but they can be merged...
> My simulation data which are over 600M can be merged well...
> They don't have any entity in latest_event_id...

The eventIDs will not be corrected in this case. If GATE isn't saving
the latest_event_id, other cluster code in GATE might not be activated 
properly either. The merger doesn't use a lot of memory and was tested 
with root files of up to 12GB for various root versions.

> Ah...empty latest_event_id may be related with error on ASCII option...
> but I changed the job splitter source to work around it...

Be careful changing code, as you may enable/disable other functionality.


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